Annapolis Lawyers For Violent Crime Defense

If you need an attorney's advice about the best ways to meet serious violent crime charges, contact the law firm of Cochran and Chhabra, LLC in Annapolis for a free consultation with an experienced criminal trial lawyer.

You'll be working directly with one of our two partners at every stage of your case. We give you the advice and information you need to make sound decisions about defense strategy, plea offers, sentencing options, pretrial diversion opportunities or presenting your defense to a jury. We also advise you about the best ways to keep a felony case off your record through such dispositions as Probation Before Judgment (PBJ), which can open the door for eventual expungement.

Even in serious felony cases, a probationary sentence is often a realistic possibility if we cannot find a way to resolve the case through early dismissal or significant reduction of the charges. Our goal in violent crime defense is to protect our client from the risk of punishment through every means available.

Resolving Charges Of Homicide, Assault Or Domestic Violence In Maryland

Examples of the specific violent crime charges our law firm handles include:

  • Murder, homicide or manslaughter, including auto manslaughter related to drunk driving
  • Assault charges from misdemeanor simple assault to felony offenses like aggravated assault, attempted murder or assault with a deadly weapon
  • Weapons charges like illegal possession of a gun or use of a firearm in another crime
  • Armed robbery or carjacking
  • Maryland domestic violence charges or violations of a restraining order

Every case is different, and the right strategies for your situation might not work at all for someone else. While our first objective is to get rid of as much of the case against you as possible, including complete dismissal, we approach each case as if we will be defending you at trial. This concentrates our attention on the careful evaluation of the evidence necessary to convict while putting pressure on the prosecution to make sure its case is airtight.

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By exposing weaknesses wherever we can find them, we can often expand your options for a positive resolution of the charges against you. To learn more about our approach to client service in the defense of violent crime charges in Maryland, contact the defense attorneys of Cochran and Chhabra, LLC in Annapolis for a free consultation.

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