Annapolis Lawyers Handling Sex Offense Charges

The criminal defense attorneys of Cochran and Chhabra, LLC represent people charged with Maryland sex offenses ranging from child molestation to sex offender registry violations. To learn how experienced trial lawyers can help reduce your exposure to punishment on serious charges, contact our office in Annapolis for a free consultation.

Building A Defense To Sex Crime Charges

We represent clients accused of sex crimes of all kinds. We take a proactive approach to the evaluation of the evidence against you, and we can work with our own forensic experts to challenge such allegations as sexual assault or downloading child pornography. With the overall goal of protecting our client from punishment whatever the charge, we put pressure on the prosecution either to show how it intends to convict you or back away from the charge.

Examples of the kinds of sex offenses our clients can be charged with include:

  • Sexual assault, including date rape or sexual assault of a spouse
  • Sex crimes involving minors, such as statutory rape or child molestation
  • Sex offenses charged against people in a position of responsibility over young people, including teachers, coaches, counselors, therapists or day care providers
  • Sex crimes charged against juveniles
  • Internet solicitation charges, especially those involving minors
  • Child pornography charges, especially through Internet downloads
  • Violations of Maryland sex offender registration laws

As well as meeting the challenges presented by the immediate charges, we also work to make sure that our client's long-term family, professional and personal interests are protected to the greatest degree possible. By attacking the prosecution's confidence in its case at every opportunity, our Annapolis criminal defense attorneys can often resolve sex offense charges that protect your interest in eventual expungement even if we cannot defeat the case altogether.

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